Peptide and Protein Synthesis

SwedClone offers a complete antigen service including antigen-design as well as both peptide and protein synthesis. The turnaround time for peptide syntesis is usually around 2 weeks while design synthesis, expression and purification of a recombinant protein purified in e.coli, frequently is performed within 4-5 weeks.

Peptide synthesis

Due to the complex nature of custom peptide synthesis we choose to give individual quotes and estimated timeframes for each peptide. In order to do this, we need to know your requirements:

· Peptide sequence
· Modifications - such as phosphorylation, cyclization, etc.

Recombinant protein expression

We perform a complete service regarding gene design, expression and purification of proteins. As a customer you ONLY have to provide the desired protein-sequence of interest!

Gene synthesis: The current pricing regarding gene synthesis is 0.79 EUR/nucleotide where a minimum charge is set to 300 EUR for shorter genes. This includes gene-synthesis, cloning into an in house expression-vector and double DNA sequencing to verify a correct sequence.

Protein expression and purification: The cost for expression and purification of a protein to 95% purity to ensure enough material regarding immunization of 4 mice is currently 1200 EUR/protein.
The succes-rate regarding our propriarity platform of protein expression is very high, however, a minimum fee corresponding to 300 EUR is charged if the protein cannot be expressed. For the protein production, a recombinant expression system for proteins in Escherichia coli is used. All proteins are produced as fusion proteins followed by a proteolytic digest which results in a fully native sequence where no additional tags or other residues remain.

Multiple targeting of surface epitopes - the next generation of antigens!

Every structural and membrane bound protein have parts that are exposed to the surrounding while other parts are hidden. For an antibody to find its epitope, within the native structure, it must be raised against an exposed part of the protein. Producing a protein antigen only constituted by surface-exposed parts of the native protein, will increase the chances to acquire the desired antibodies. SwedClone now offer a structure based design of protein antigens where multiple surface exposed epitopes are selected and fused to a novel protein. Through this approached, both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies have an enhanced probability to target the native form tein is obtained. This approach is also beneficial when targeting membrane proteins where e.g. binding to loop regions on one particular side of the membrane is desired.
Please inquire for pricing.

Epitope mapping

SwedClone offers complete epitiope mapping of antibody-binding sites. Please inquire for pricing.
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