Cryopreservation/Cell banking

SwedClone offer cryopreservation of eukaryote cell lines, either in form of a complete cell banking service or as an additional back-up. These services are described in more detail below;

Complete cell bank

A number of frozen vials will be stored at two distinct geographical locations and at each site, in different containers intended for cryopreservation (-150C freezers or cryogenic tanks). One of these locations will work as a Master Cell Bank (MCB) and the other as a Working Cell Bank (WCB).

When the cell line arrives at SwedClone, it will be thawed, expanded and frozen again to a number of vials agreed on with the client (at least 9 vials). Cells will be tested for the most common strains of mycoplasma before freezing of the cells. One of the vials will be thawed after a couple of days and placed into culture and viability of the cells will be confirmed.

The costs for the services above are divided into a startup cost (230 EUR) which will be invoiced directly, and a storage cost which will be invoiced quarterly (3.50 EUR/vial/month).

Freezing vials will be stored safely and handled just as desired by the customer, which can be for example;

  shipment of frozen vials
    cost: 70 EUR incl shipping cost with dry ice, with continued storage there will be a cost of 140 EUR for thawing, expansion and cryopreservation of the same number of tubes delivered to the customer
  control Ig production (that hybridomas still produce Ig, not how much)
    cost: 230 EUR
  subcloning (recommended every 18-24 months
    cost: 800 EUR
  expansion of cells for purification of monoclonal antibody
    Cost: see price list for upscaling

When storing several cell lines, the discount will be as follows;

1 cell line: 28 EUR/month
2-3 cell lines: 22 EUR/cell line/month
4-10 cell lines: 17 EUR/ cell line/month
>10 cell lines: quote request

Extra back-up

We also accept cell lines for storage as an extra back-up to the customer's own storage. In these cases, the vials will be stored in a-150C freezer with alarm connected to a central station as well as in a cryo tank, ie at least 2 tubes per cell line is needed. The cost of this is 2.80 EUR/cell line/month.

Contact us by email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or telephone (090-15 49 40) if you have any thoughts or if there is a demand for other solutions, and we will do our best to resolve it.
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