What are the advantages of monoclonal antibodies?

Answer: A monclonal antibody expressed by a hybridoma cell-line ensure an essentially unlimited supply of a specific antibody. This implies that the homogeneity and biophysical properties can be conserved for infinite time and problems arrising from batch to batch variations can be eliminated.

How much antigen is required for immunization?

Answer: This may differ depending on the immunogenic potential of the antigen. However as rule of thumb around 600 ug of 15 aa peptide is required to immunize and screen 4 mice.

Does the protein need to be soluble?

Answer: No, however an insoluble antigen may require another method of screening which may result in additional costs. Please inquire.

Do I retain rights to the antisera/monoclonal that I generate?

Answer: yes

Does SwedClone maintain the confidentiality of my project?

Answer: Yes SwedClone always maintain full confidentiality, if required a written agreement of confidentiality can be arranged.

Should I generate antibodies against a full-length protein or a peptide?

Answer: This question is most relevant when trying to obtain conformational dependent antibodies i.e. if surface exposure of the epitope within its native state is required as in case of FACS analysis etc. Immunization using a full-length protein increases the probability to obtain the desired properties since a broader spectra of monoclonals is generated. Sweclone offer a complete service where we can produce both peptide and protein antigen. As a customer you only have to supply the required sequence.

How will the serum be shipped?

Answer: Serum will be shipped on dry ice. Samples may also be freeze dried on request. Inquire for price info.

What role does the adjuvant play and what is the difference between CFA and IFA?

Answer: It is a water in oil emulsion. The so-called complete form (CFA or FCA) is composed of inactivated and dried mycobacteria, usually Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The so-called incomplete form (IFA or FIA) is the same adjuvant, but without the mycobacterial components.

Does SwedClone offer antigen design assistance?

Answer: Yes!

Will I receive any leftover peptide at the end of the project?

Answer: Yes, if required.

Does SwedClone offer volume discounts?

Answer: Yes, please inquire.

How should antigen be prepared for immunization?

Answer: The most important issue regarding immunization is the purity of the antigen. Swedclone requires approximately 600 ug of antigen for a complete project. The antigen can be supplied as a soluble or dry protein but must not contain any preservatives as sodium azide or thiomersal. Antigen can also be provided as a gel slice isolated from SDS-PAGE. Visualisation of the protein band can be made through standard coomassie staining. The destaing procedure can also be performed using standard procedures including acetic acid and ethanol, however, the gel-slice should preferably be equilibriated in dH2O to avoid a toxic response upon immunization.

Which species to choose for immunization?

Is it possible to test pre-immune serum from before I go on with the project?
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