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  SwedClone is a Swedish biotechnology company specialized in generation of monoclonal antibodies. We provide a complete immunology service where antibodies can be raised against customer-supplied antigens or synthesized peptides on demand.

Swedclone is concerned to ensure a successful and rapid result which fulfils the specific demands from our clients. We therefore offer a close collaboration where particular demands can be fulfilled and where the customer will receive antibodies having the desired properties.

Explore our web site and find out why SwedClone is the ideal partner for generation of monoclonal antibodies for your research program.

We ship worldwide
SwedClone | Uminova Science Park | Box 7964 | SE-907 19 Umeå, Sweden | Phone: +46 90 15 49 40 / +46 70 655 9440 | E-mail: info@swedclone.com
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